The ice age has arrived in Super Dungeon Maker

Hey Fink´s friends,

Grab your beanies, scarfs and put on your boots, it's getting cold: We added an ice/snow theme for you to create new dungeons. But we have more: Watch out for the frozen floor! Fink has a hard time running on it and will slide around. ⛸️

With this new theme the Christmas season is open.

We really hope you like the new theme and create great new dungeons. Please give us feedback what you like or what you are missing.


  • Scrolling in the builder palette would not work.
  • Sliding Ice Blocks could get stuck in each other.
  • Movable statue had the wrong color in different dungeon themes.

PS: Currently we have 115 reviews on Steam  and we are on track to reach 150 by the end of the year. If you haven't published a review yet, please take the time. You can really help us a lot. Thanks ❤️

Team FIRECHICK and rokaplay wish you all a marry christmas.

Your team @rokaplay and FIRECHICK

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