Super Dungeon Maker x Kickstarter

Help us bring the game to Nintendo Switch and add new content for PC and Switch!

Drum rolls…we just pressed the button, IT IS ALIVE! OK ok, I´ll stop with these word games ;) 

Super Dungeon Maker is live on Kickstarter!

Other ways to support us - Let´s get loud!!! 🎉

These first days of the Kickstarter will have a HUGE impact on the whole campaign. Even if it's not a good time for you financially, it would be fantastic if you supported us on your favorite social media platforms.

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Now it´s all serious let´s rise to the top and above all together! If you have any questions just drop them in the comment section of our Kickstarter don´t be shy!

Key Features:

  • Build your own dungeons easily in just a few steps
  • Cross-platform compatible through MOD.IO
  • Channel mechanic makes it easy to "program" creative or complex dungeons.
  • Endless possibilities for puzzles 
  • Decorate your level as you like
  • Play thousands of dungeons from the community
  • Optimized for Joycons/Gamepad and mouse/keyboard

Why Kickstarter?

The porting to Nintendo is very cost-intensive, as it also has to be done externally, and we would like to cushion these costs with a Kickstarter and deliver great packages to you in time! Since we also have some ideas to improve and expand Super Dungeon Maker (like a Singleplayer Campaign) we hope for your support to achieve more than just the porting goal.

Thank you all so much for your support! 

Your team @FIRECHICK and @rokaplay


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Nov 01, 2022

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