24h left - Stretch Goal unlocked - new Stretch Goal revealed!

You are just fantastic and incredibly great! You have made it, the 40k are unlocked!

24 hours left, let´s make these last hours the most amazing that Kickstarter has ever seen! Let's reach for the next rung on the stretch goal ladder!

That means there will be a new character skin for Fink! As written in the last update, please remember that we will take more time for this implementation. Finally, we want you to have fun while playing!

What's next?

Yes, there is a next Stretch goal for you and we hope you will love this one as we do!

World Maker - Connect multiple of your own dungeons in a small overworld that other people can play!

You have read correctly we would like to offer you the possibility of an "overworld" within the scope of our possibilities and resources! Reach with us the 60k and unlock the opportunity to connect your dungeons and let others play more than 1 dungeon! Send players on a journey through your own world and let them experience your dungeons in a new way.

You are fantastic! We are searching for words to describe how amazed we are to have such support!

Jump on our Discord and join other Super Dungeon Maker players!

Your team @Firechick and @rokaplay

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