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When I purchased the game on I didn't receive the steam key? All that I get is a download button that directs me to the Steam Store Page. I did not receive any email with a download code either.

Same issue just now.

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i reached out to their support email and after a few days they sent me a steam key, via email

cool game


nice to see a newer game like this. Kind of reminds me of that old freeware Zelda Classic.


Looks great.


Can we please have a Linux version? I'll fund it on Kickstarter. :'{

Any plans/commitments to drm free versions? I really enjoy games that give you a steam key and also give drm free exe downloads. Like HOLLOW KNIGHT on the Humble store.


trop cher pour ce jeu de merde


No need to be disrepectful. There is 2 years of work into that, the price is honestly lower than it should. If you can't see the reasons why it's that much, just don't download it, but your comment is just rude and useless.


Alors va faire ce jeu toi-même, sale chien!


i downloaded this free somewhere :skull:


idk the full game 


BOOOOO, get this man off the stage!


why even make a comment about that?


for real. Bro trynna flex that he illegaly downloaded software.


yeah, what a moron.


with triple a companies i call that fine but with indie developers naaah bro


Will this ever have a basic dialogue / narrative system? Would be cool to have a small story as you progress through the dungeon.

I know In the title it shows a nintendo swich symbol, but the trailer and description and platforms information on the more info dropdown did not clarify if it is actually avalable on switch or is soon launching to switch.
 - Thank you for your time :)


What happened? Last week this was available to purchase here on itch, but now this page only has a demo. Why was this changed? Will this be available to purchase here on itch at some point in the future?

Hi Jesala, Sale is back. Sorry for this issue.


Ah. Good. Thanks for fixing this so quickly.


I see "unlimited creativity" in that trailer, but in my experience, this type of game is usually very limited.

So, as a small benchmark, I will pose the followimg questions: 

Can you replicate the scene from ALttP's desert dungeon, where you shoot a statue and the wall moves away to reveal a new path? In other words, can the map be altered during play outside of bombing walls?

Can you create bossfights with custom strategies and weaknesses? For example, can you place a monster and set it to be only vulnerable to arrows, or set it to become vulnerable to everything for 3,5 seconds when hit by bombs? Can you make monsters chase certain objects or eat them? Can you make a monster flee when the player charges a melee attack, or make it use a charge attack when the player takes a certain distance? Can you set phases for a bossfight with different behaviors?

How versatile are the appliances? Can you put a monster in a chest, and then have that monster drop a key when you beat it? Can you create a number of pressure plates or switches that unlock a door when used in the correct order, but drop enemies when used in the wrong order? Can you check if a chest has been opened or a monster killed when using a switch? Can you set a switch to play a different note every time you press it, and create piano-shaped pressure plates that open a door when you step on the note last played by the switch?

Is there a scripting function with the ability to do runtime checks, however simple it might be?

If the answer to the majority of these questions is "no", you might want to reconsider that advertising slogan.


agreed on this

I'm checking the game rn and liking it a lot so far, but much like many games of this kind I'll allways wish that more in depth/cuztomisable stuff could be made

I think the way mario maker did a lot of things (with you dropping powerups on enemies to alter em and shaking em in the editor to change em and such) is a good way to go for a lot of things

for the matter of altering behaviour more explicitedly, I think that for basic enemies it might not be a great idea unless you add some sort of visual difference; it could be good to have "boss" enemies that are specifically meant to be edited in how they work in the editor and such, that way the player allways knows it could vary

versatility is really what they should strive for, but while keeping things sufficiently consistent to not confuse newer players, and I think these would be good ways to go bout it


Highly doubtful. The point of this kind of software is to appeal to non-game devs. People who can't code nor do graphic design. If it had a full blown scripting system it probably would be too complicated for their target audience, something Game Builder Garage suffered from even though they went to great lengths to simplify it, but most people can't think like a programmer. Sounds like you need to download Game Maker and create a zelda-like yourself.


Haha, even GBG was quite limited for what it was. After all, it was presented as a game that teaches the basics of actual programming, only to lack some very basic functions any game engine should have while still being needlessly complex in some aspects. Works nice as puzzle game though.

To be clear, I don't expect unlimited possibilities in a simple dungeon maker. I chose some very common and simple elements among those that made Zelda and similar games so great, knowing that the implementation is not quite as simple, to illustrate a point.

My point is that when you sell a regular UGC exchange game with fairly tight limitations that allow varied but ultimately generic creations, advertising it with "unlimited creativity" is a lie. 

There would be a plethora of slogans that are at least technically true, like "Countless Possibilities" (at least until some math geek calculates the permutations) or "Build YOUR Dungeon" (although not necessarily the exact dungeon you want), but "unlimited" is just plain false.


I get you now. Ya unlimited possibilities is a little misleading.

Deleted 197 days ago

There's a bunch of things wrong with your comment, most of all that you are talking about something else entirely than I am. Try rereading the thread and see if you can spot what you missed, the point.

Then, the idea that the switch is a children's console is just plain wrong. 

Last, at least the last I'll address here: You're making a whole load of negative assumptions about how such a system would be implemented, about the methods of telegraphing, and most of all, about the players' ability to read patterns. Those assumptions tell more about your limits than those of any prospective designers, systems, or players.

I enjoy this game a lot even its still a demo

Q:will You make any plans android port if the game gets stable enough?

it keeps saying network error every time i try to download the game

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I love it, the online dungeons and the few dungeons that are "official", well done!

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I really enjoyed playing it and I have some feedback.  Here are some things I recommend to add to the full game:

Let us import our own sprites into the maker

Let us export our games as a .zip file.


Thank you for your feedback and I have some answers for you right away. 

Super Dungeon Maker is not a software where you can export a game. It is a game itself and this leads me to the second feedback if we allow your own sprites we have to check them all beforehand if we could approve them otherwise we could get into a lot of trouble with the different platforms and a lot of stuff/movement can start to feel off and won´t fit 100% which also might break the fun for some players. 


Flo from rokaplay 💚

One thing RPG Maker did pretty successfully was heavily constrain custom sprites. Like it has to be a very specific pixel size and you can't change the origin, collider, nor animation frames. So if it looks like crap it's totally on the user haha.


This is something truly formidable, I've been playing the demo and it's fantastic! The PC's answer to Super Mario Maker without a doubt!

Thank you 💚

It's also releasing on the Switch, though?

Yes, but it’s not a Nintendo exclusive, Mario Maker is.


The point is that it's not "the PC's answer to SMM". For that, it would have to be PC exclusive.

Fair enough, do you have a better replacement statement, might I ask?

I don't know, maybe "alternative"? I really don't want to dictate speech to people, even if do sometimes criticise what someone chooses to say.

The issue with "answer" is that it implies a question, sounding as if SMM was a sort of challenge to PC gaming and SDM is rising to that challenge. I'm fairly certain that gamers all over the world offcially agreed that the system wars were kind of stupid and we should just have fun.

You should check out Levelhead on steam. It's a more direct answer to SMM that's already out. Not to detract from amazing Super Dungeon Maker though :)

Levelhead is for Platformers though. SDM is specifically top-down adventure style.


This looks AWESOME, Nice😁

Thank you 💚


To quote Hades in Disney's Hercules.. Two thumbs WAY WAY Up. Congrats on being funded. It's a really good game as well. I hope you put in and make some more unique trap tiles. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Your gameplay was super fun to watch <3

Thank you for your feedback, we have more stuff to come 💚

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ho naw.

This has some way to go, but i can't wait to see it when it's finished!



This looks amazing, I will absolutely download it and mess around with it sometime soon!


But in Sunil pandit

But NI Sunil pandit


This looks so cool! Any chance of a mac build?


This seems like it is going to be awesome!  Definitely following you and look forward to seeing on Switch!


it's cool


I need to pay WinZip to do it so no.


its a free game


ik but WinZip really wants me to pay to play it so I can't play it


why do you need winzip?


I don't need WinZip it just appeared on my pc and won't stop not letting me play games that I downloaded and want to play.


download 7zip (free) and unzip it. like, what are you talking about?

No, it's for free. Sorry for misunderstanding. Guess I made a wrong click. Not it's fixed.


I'm not talking about the game I'm talking about WinZip. WinZip always appears when I try to play a game I downloaded and always tries to make me pay money to play, that's why I can't play it.


Can you please make it to where I can play it on pls


You can download 7zip for free, and it is better than WinZip anyway.


I think I'd rather delete WinZip.

You can just x out of the pop-up on win zip that wants you to pay. You can do that forever without ever actually having to pay

uninstall winzip.
go into your start menu and look for winzip, right click the winzip application and select [🗑️Uninstall].

winrar its better lol