Hey Beastie trainer, 

we have a little update for you!

What did we change in the world of Beasties? 

Here we go:

  • Collision problems fixed, you could jump outside the runnable area.
  • AI was turned up and will make less "awkward" moves and more and more sensible attacks
  • Roglow, skill "Trie Out" could be unnecessarily upgraded, that´s no longer possible.
  • Elian Quest, all characters will now return to the village after the final battle! You´re free to explore the world.

And now we proudly present our little Beastiepedia. Come over and learn more about your favorite Beastie and which skills might help you during your play-through! Ideas or/and feedback? Just jump on our Discord and help us to improve!

We can't wait to read your feedback!

Your team @rokaplay


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Jul 11, 2022

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